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Perpetual Emotion Machine

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Stevie and the Lion deliver a salty, sweet mix of pop and folk, built on a rock-solid friendship. Like Fleetwood Mac and The Civil Wars, Stevie and the Lion weave intricate harmonies through their songs, but it's their infectious melodies and irreverent take on folk-pop that has helped them stake out a sound of their own.

The Perpetual Emotion EP is backed by a full band, with long-time collaborator, Carolyn Murphy featured on accordion and clarinet. The EP, produced by Omer Leibovitz (The Courtesy Tier) at Birdwire Studios, is honest and provocative, featuring a pair of personalities that are both inappropriate and completely endearing.

This band and their music will be your new favorite friends.

Perpetual Emotion Machine

NPR Tiny Desk Concert Contest


Stevie and the Lion perform the title track from their upcoming EP, The Perpetual Emotion Machine. Video shot by Armand Valdes


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